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My passion for photography started very young, when I adopted my father’s camera as a toy. By then I was more fascinated by its look, touch and weight than by what I could do with it. As a teenager I enrolled in photography evening classes after school hours. I had a great time, but I learnt very little! Or so I thought, until I realized that all the knowledge was stored somewhere in some corner of my brain.

I went to university, studied architecture and forgot about photos. But photography always was in the back of my mind while I was making a career in the field of architecture and construction, taking photos here and there, nothing serious. Until I moved to Berlin and started shooting concerts, big and small, for the German website I rediscovered my passion as I went to countless concerts and festivals. 

Now I mostly shoot landscapes, portraits and document my travels. I reserve my digital camera for occasional concerts and shoot the rest with old film cameras, Nikon for 35mm and Hasselblad for medium format. I develop and scan my photos, and I supervise the printing process, to make sure that the result is up to my standards and reflects what I had in mind when I took the picture. 

I am currently based in Mallorca, Spain, where I was born from French and Spanish parents, but I have lived in many different countries and continents and I have traveled to many more, and all the life experiences have permeated into my photography.

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©  Brian Klepper
© Brian Klepper